Featuring other 20 artists performing their personal
full lenght cover of the song. Out on march 2004.

01. enzima (italy)
02. knifeville ensemble (italy)
03. kawabata makoto (japan)
04. les little searchers (france)
05. larsen (italy)
06. crevice (usa)
07. swedish whistler (sweden)
08. daniele brusaschetto (italy)
09. mandog (japan)
10. christian rainer & nark bkb (italy)
11. baby robots (usa)
12. ronin (italy)
13. tirlindana (italy)
14. kech (italy)
15. ST 37 (usa)
16. la betoniera (italy)
17. our poor neighbors (usa)
18. ameba (italy)
19. simone bicego (italy)
20. bugo (italy)


When Emily the simpleton gave
up playing and went out of
fashion, the Vegetable Man was
carried around to village festivals.
A mocked multi prosthesised
goddess Kalì with a deep face lift.
He had yellow shoes and a
paisley shirt, the Man, and a
turquoise waistcoat and a latest
style digital watch.
With the videophone, his eyes
astonished, he shot adults and
children at the foot of the stage,
laughing and clinging to their
super-size cokes and overflowing
tubs of popcorn.
No one got it yet, anyway.
So, the 20 tracks included in this
new CD (tribute? denunciation?
act of desperation?) are the
renewed story, the holy mass of
that misunderstanding, once set
the Modernism.

Luca Ferrari

(translated by Nick Bensen




final mastering & editing @ BIPS Studios - Milano
thanks to: Maurizio info@mauriziogiannotti.com

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