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A page dedicated to the legend of Roger Keith Syd Barrett

July 11, 2006 - Syd Barrett has died Friday

    30-07-2006 Tim Willis Talks about Syd Barrett Last Days.
    28-07-2006 September MOJO cover.
    18-07-2006 NME is publishing a special tribute issue on Syd Barrett!
    16-07-2006 My lovably ordinary brother Syd

Under Review DVD: The Ultimate Review and Critical Analysys of the Music of Syd Barrett.
Oggetti Volanti non identificati: a new volume is coming: The Vegetable Man project - vol. 4,
the next tribute to SYD BARRETT.    Masaki Batoh of Ghost talks about his Syd Barrett cover
  The LaughingMadcaps Group has a new URL:
   We have mirrored on Dolly Rocker the well known Roger 'Syd' Barrett's Nephew Interview with
the permission of Rob Peets; some interesting related quotes at the end of the interview.

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