Syd Sounds

Apples and Oranges*    Vegetable Man*

Scream Thy Last Scream*    Experiment**

Lucy Leave**    I'm a King Bee**

See Emily Play    Dark Globe (as performed by Placebo)^

Silas Lane (w/ Pink Floyd)**    Arnold Layne (live)

Astronomy Domine (live)    Baby Lemonade (live)

Dominoes (live)    Flaming (live w/ Gilmour vocals)

The Gnome (live)    Love Song (live)

One in a Million    Silas Lane

Stoned Alone

* = Real Audio files taken from the great "Another Brick in the Web" site ** = Mpeg3 files taken from the super Kornyphone site and The Pink Floyd ROiO Audio Archives, you need Winplay3 to play these. If you choose to save these files you will have to rename them from 'refer.html' to a descriptive name of your choice with the extension .mp3 for example: 'music.mp3' Please delete these files from your system after you have completed your research on the artist of your choice.
^ = from the wonderful wonderful Plastic Venus Placebo site.
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