"Apples and Oranges" -The PF- 11/18/1967 Single3 '67 A, (Box)

"Arnold Layne" -The PF- Jan 1967 on "Relics", "Works", Single1 '67 A
"Arnold Layne" -The PF- Sept 16, 1967
The Pink Floyd's first single, a manic song about a convicted crossdresser. Reached #20 in the UK, put the Pink Floyd on the map.

"A Saucerful of Secrets" 1968 (Rumors of Syd guitar involvement only)
The title track from the 1968 sophmore effort from Pink Floyd.

"Astronomy Domine" -The PF- Sept 16, 1967
"Astronomy Domine" -The PF- on "Piper at the Gates of Dawn"
A song about the heavens, listing various stars. The beginning is Peter Jenner reading the names of stars through a megaphone.

"Baby Lemonade: Take 1" -Solo- Feb 26, 1970 on (Box 2,13)
"Baby Lemonade: Take 1" -Solo- Feb 26, 1970 on "Barrett" (Track 1) (Box 2,1)

"Bike" -The PF- July 1967 on "Piper..." (Track 10), "Relics"

"Birdie Hop" -Syd Barrett- 1969 on "Opel" (Track 9)
Devoted to John Hopkins, named "Hoppy", one of the IT founders and UFO club happenings organizer.

"Bob Dylan's Blues: Demo" -Solo- Feb 27, 1970
An unreleased song belived to be in the posession of David Gilmour. The lyrics boast: "I've got the Bob Dylan Blues / I've got the Bob Dylan Blues / My hair and my hat's in a mess / but I don't give a damn about that."

"Boom Tune" -The PF- 1968

This song is belived to be an alternate early version of 'Here I Go'.

"Chapter 24" -The PF- July 1967 on "Piper..." (Track 8)

"Clowns and Jugglers: Take 1" -Solo- July 20, 1968 on (Box 3,18)
"Clowns and Jugglers: Take 2" -Solo- July 20, 1968 on "Opel" (Track 2) (Box 3,2)
"He called it 'Clowns and Jugglers' and decided to call it 'Octopus' later. I'd have preferred it to be called 'Clowns and Jugglers', actually; I think it's a much nicer title.

"Dark Globe: Take 1" -Solo- Aug 5, 1969 on "Madcap" (Track 5) (Box 1,5)
A sad song that was never recorded with accompaniment, under other titles such as 'Wouldn't You Miss Me?'

"Dolly Rocker: Take 1" -Solo- July 14, 1970 on "Opel" (Track 5) (Box 3,5)

"Dominoes: Take 1" -Solo- July 14, 1970 on (Box 2,17)
"Dominoes: Take 2" -Solo- July 14, 1970 on (Box 2,18)
"Dominoes: Take 3" -Solo- July 14, 1970 on "Barrett" (Track 3) (Box 2,3)

"Effervescing Elephant: Take 2" -Solo- July 14, 1970 on (Box 3,20)
"Effervescing Elephant: Take 9" -Solo- July 14, 1970 on "Barrett" (Track 12) (Box 2,12)
One of the first songs Syd ever wrote, and one of his favorites as well. He played it live for the BBC and at a one-off gig in 1970.