The Early Version of "Echoes"

As mentioned in the FAQ, "Echoes" originally featured a vastly different first verse than the one that got recorded on _Meddle_. Unfortunately, the only recordings we have of this early version of the song are on RoIOs of rather middling sound quality; "Mauerspecte" and "Lost in the Corridors," taken from the June 5th, 1971 Berlin show, and tapes of the June 20th Rome show. Based on these, and on the attempts below, I've worked out my own transcription of the verse, found in the FAQ. But, not wanting to silence the opinions of others (or at least not wanting to do so too obviously!), I thought it would be a good idea to keep these original transcriptions around.

Here then are three attempts to decipher the lyrics to this first verse;

the first by Ray O'Hara, using a Rome recording, and the other two by bear and Gerhard den Hollander (with comments by Piet de Bondt) based on the Berlin show...

Rome June 20, 1971

(Ray O'Hara)

Planets meeting face to face
While do they ever cry how sweet
but friendlessly we might embrace
perfect union deep in space

And ever might this once relent
and give us leave to shine as one
but you light here for ever
one might ?(1)

And in that longing to be one
departing summer sound his drum
I see you've got to travel on
and on and on around the sun

(1) can't make out the 3rd word of this line, it sounded to me like Dave & Rick both sang something different at the same time. Whatever it was, it was unintelligible.

And here are some additional comments on the Berlin recording, from Piet de Bondt:

Matt Denault
August 1st, 1995